Social Support In Medical Rehabilitation

on Saturday, June 20, 2009


Social support is defined as the availability of other persons in the environment who can offer:

i) emotional support
ii) financial or material help
iii) a listening ear
iv) guidance or
v) encouragement

Social support has been associated with:

i) increased self-esteem
ii) coping
iii) adjustment for individuals with disabilities


Evidence suggests that social support plays a strong preventative and palliative role in a wide range of physical and medical conditions.

i) Rintala et al- found that the amount of social support was directly related to a sense of life satisfaction and well-being in patients with spinal cord injury.

ii) Hardy et al and Kaplan- found that high social support was predictive of a return to vocational functioning after rehabilition.


Social support can be used to enhance treatment and promote patient compliance.

Source: Pat Precin (2007), Influence Of Psychosocial Factors On Rehabilitation (Pages 52)