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The Department of Medical Social Work in Hospital Kuala Lumpur provides a comprehensive and effective medical social work service at both in-patient and outpatient levels for patients and their families. In the modern era of varied and complex diseases for which the medical science is unable to find remedies, the functions of Medical Social Worker attains much importance. Our Medical Social Worker with their knowledge of the dynamics of human behaviour as well as skills in establishing purposeful relations tries to know the patient as a ‘person’, his socio-economic conditions, his attitude towards health problems, his relationship with the family, taps community resources and acts as a liaison between the patient and community. Our service will provides oil that enables the complicated hospital machinery to move smoothly and eficiently, assists the patients to have that peace of mind that allows them to benefit the full from medical and surgical care, and providing the important liaison with community that results in good public relations and the most effective use of resources.

To provide a caring, efficient and effective social service to help patients cope with their problems that interfere with their health.

Our mission is “to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people”

To help the patients solve their problems which directly or indirectly affect their medical condition while in the hospital;
To promote continuity of family relationships and to prevent family maladjustment and disorganization during and after illness;
To assist the doctor and other team members gain an understanding of the socio-behavioral and economic situation of patients and their families in order to arrive at a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment;
andTo help patients and their families in their rehabilitation during confinement and after discharge by skillful use of their own resources, those of the agency and those of the community.

Continuing Medical Social Work Education (CMSWE)

The department has a regular CMSWE program on every Wednesday at 9.00 am to 10.30 am. It's normally presented by medical social workers and chaired by a head of department.Topics presented include clinical medical social work cases, service and support programmes and medical social work challenges.

Department Training and Research Activities
1. Post-graduate and graduate training.
2. Autonomy and professional activities of social workers in hospital and primary health care setting.
3. Post basic Medical Social Workers in interdisciplinary expectations of the Medical Social Worker in the hospital setting .
4. Post basic Medical Social Work in discharge planning.
5. Medical Social Work collaboration / implications for professional identity, roles and relationship.
6. Responding to psychosocial needs / Physician perceptions of their referrel practices for hospitalized patients.
7. Social work in restructuring hospitals / meeting the challenge.

Ongoing Departmental Research Studies
1. Patients satisfaction.
2. Satisfaction among Medical Social Workers in Malaysia.
3. Unmarried mothers and coping skills.
4. Counseling women with Breast Cancer- a psychological approach.
5. An exploratory study of the inter-organisational relations among health/residential long term care services for the elderly.
6. The Kuala Lumpur Hospital Medical Social Workers self-efficacy scale

Our Activities :